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The Talent Revolution with Lisa Taylor

03 Mar 2016 8:40 AM | Glennie Mercer

Lisa Taylor engaged us from the outset, challenging us to consider demographics and the ageing workforce as the "Talent Revolution" carries on.  A few of the highlights included:

  •  "myth busting" - i.e. millennials will not necessarily have more careers than their boomer counterparts
  • opportunities to embrace and use our "yeah buts" to identify needs 
  • recognizing that the retirement age of 65 was a construct from the 1930's when average life expectancy was 62!
  • considering a new paradigm re our careers including a segment called "legacy career" for those between 50-75! considering life expectancy is now well into the 80's (and if you make it to 65 it's very likely you'll make it to 85)
  • recognizing that the "freelance economy" does not = "precarious employment"
A lively discussion occurred, Lisa shared research and resources with us, and members engaged in the dialogue offering challenging and differeing opinions which kept the evening lively and thought provoking.

Thanks to Lisa, and to our terrific membership. And as OD practitioners we need to continue to be catalysts for change by asking the questions and encouraging others to do the same. 

Lisa's slides are attached.

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