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What does the future of work look like?

16 Apr 2016 11:21 AM | Anonymous

The CEO of OMERS Ventures, which is the venture arm of the pension manager of almost half a million government employees in Ontario, believes that in one generation from now, there will be no employees in the economy.  Everyone is going to be a subcontractor!  Imagine that! A principal fund manager of one of the largest fixed benefit employment pension plans (and for government employees to boot) predicting that employment is going to disappear as the dominant form of work within 30 years!

A presentation on this idea and its implications attracted a great turnout of over 35 participants.  Our presenter, David Creelman, co-author of “Lead the Work: Navigating a world beyond Employment” shared the ideas and insights from his book that make this radical idea a possibility.  We did a deep dive into the freelance economy and the emerging technology talent platforms that are enabling this economy.  True to form, our OD community engaged passionately and with lively debate on the possibility, morality, and social implications of a world where employment as we know it, disappears due to the large scale uberization of work. We quickly consumed the two hours in this engagement and did not get to how leadership might work after the talent revolution in a Post-Employment Age in this new Talent Economy.  People will just have to read the book to explore these ideas.  The other learning that was acknowledged by the community came from David’s graceful facilitation in the presentation.

Last words from David – “Stay in Touch” -

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