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Who We Are

The Toronto Organization Development Network (TODN) is an association of highly skilled and talented professionals dedicated to helping organizations succeed. TODN provides an opportunity to connect with other industry professionals to share expertise and obtain leading edge insights and practices in OD, in an environment committed to learning and supporting the work we do.

The TODN was created in 1990 as an association of organization development practitioners representing a range of professional roles in a wide variety of organizations. TODN members work in private industry, non-profit organizations, government agencies, education and independent consulting firms. 

We are affiliated with the Organizational Development Network (ODN), a U.S. based association, with members from more than 90 countries worldwide.

Our Vision is to connect, develop and contribute to furthering the multi-disciplinary field of organization development.

Our Values

We respect a diversity of practitioners, representing a multitude of fields, disciplines, approaches and cultures within its membership and guests.

We value learning as an ongoing process and promote a spirit of open inquiry into the process of human systems change and organization renewal.

We recognize affiliation, personal support and sharing among our members as important.

We model effectiveness of open systems, through sharing information, experiences and resources.

We value collaboration with other organizations as a strategy for systems renewal.

Our Purpose

​We exist to ignite and support multi-perspective conversations, new ideas, and meaningful connections to help you and all organizations thrive.

Our Mission

Our community is completely member driven and is at the center of the multi-disciplinary Organization Development (OD) field in the most diverse city in Canada. We are a hub for thought leaders, practitioners, academics, students and leaders. We strive to model diversity, community and practical practices within the field OD.

Image by John Schnobrich

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We are focused on providing  learning opportunities for everyone in our community, students and senior practitioners alike.

Our programming supports members and guests to learn new practices and have insights that they can apply within their organizational systems to have the best impact possible.

Knowledge and Insights

We strive to provide exposure and access to leading-edge ideas, thought leaders and research.

Contribute and Share

Our network only exists based on how you contribute and share your interests, energy and expertise.

Practical Application

OD practitioners must continually apply the ideas and research that they learn to have the impact that they and their stakeholders need.

Meaningful Connection

Being a part of TODN is about our people. We intentionally offer ways to help you create meaningful connections and form a true community.

Become a Part of Our OD Community

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