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We are excited you are here and look forward to welcoming you into our OD community.
Members choose us to CONNECT with fellow practitioners, to GROW and practice new skills
that will help them make an impact and to CONTRIBUTE by sharing their expertise.

Become a Member


Make meaningful connections with other Organization Development professionals across different industries.

You'll be able to use our member directory as a great way to reach out to others and engage in other opportunities to continue to expand your circle of impact.


Learn and develop with access to curated 'leading edge’ virtual and live events - all year round!


Participate in our member-led groups which further your skills, knowledge and provide opportunities to enhance your reputation in the practice of OD.


Volunteer to lead in our member-led forums which further learning, networking, and career-enhancing opportunities.

Join the conversation in our Members Only Group and chime in with insight or challenges in your area of expertise.

Offer Pro-Bono services on opportunities available to you as a TODN member.

Member Benefits


No fees for Professional Development and Social

Networking events AND

peer learning opportunities

Eligible to apply for volunteer opportunities

Discounts and free draws for partner events

OD Network Benefits


Get all the benefits of our Individual Membership where up to 5 people at your organization are members

NOTE: Corporate membership requires that an individual from your organization act as your representative or single point of contact to BCODN


All the benefits of our Individual Membership, at a discounted rate

*Must apply and submit Student ID. Upon approval, your membership will be activated.

Image by John Schnobrich
Image by Smartworks Coworking

Additional Benefits:


We’re delighted to announce that the Toronto OD Network has established a partnership with the OD Network.  The benefits for TODN members include:

  • Access to the OD Network Global OD Practice Framework™; including the five areas of OD competency;

  • Access to the OD Network resources tool kit;

  • Subscription to the Network News monthly e-newsletter;

  • Subscription to the monthly Network Connections;

  • Membership rates for OD Network webinars ($10.00 savings per webinar)

Please note: Once you sign-up for a TODN membership, you will be receiving additional emails from the OD Network with your login and password information to access the OD Network website and resources - this is separate from your TODN User ID and password.  

Become a Part of Our OD Community

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