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At TODN, we exist to bring innovative OD practices, tools and knowledge to our member community. That’s where you come in! Do you, or someone you know, have OD tools and methodologies to share with fellow practitioners? 


Are you someone that engages an audience of professionals by facilitating interactive, experiential and informative sessions as opposed to using old school lecture style? Do you have something that our OD community will want to add to their toolkit? 


If you answered YES, then we invite you to submit an application! 

​To be considered for our 2023 calendar dates, please provide the following:

  • Your contact information, including social media accounts

  • Your biography AND your picture 

  • Whether you can deliver in-person, virtual OR both

  • Session title & description

  • High-level outline of the session (content and timing), and anticipated outcomes

  • How you plan to engage the audience (polls, table discussion, etc.). SELL IT TO US! 

  • How you'll expand on traditional OD thinking or delves into an emerging area of practice

  • Experience delivering virtually and in-person (# of years, type of venue, etc)

  • Your ideal audience (include level of leader, any industry focus)

  • 2-3 people’s names who will recommend you

  • The tools and takeaways you’ll provide


Important for you to know: TODN is a non-profit organization where facilitators donate their time and expertise for these speaking opportunities. We believe in fair consideration for everyone and have determined a set of criteria for how we’ll evaluate the applications so we can apply that fairness in the process.


Here’s what we offer in return for you sharing your time and expertise:

•          Build and expand your professional portfolio and increase your visibility

•          Receive a LinkedIn recommendation and shout-out on our blog

•          A 6 mth membership and one month of advertising - over $200 value!

Please submit by December 31, 2022 to be considered for our 2023 dates.

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