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Become a Volunteer

You can be involved with us in the OD Community of Toronto in several ways.  

All opportunities above require that you are an active member with us. If you're not yet a member and want to contribute, JOIN NOW! 

Why volunteer on our Board of Directors?

While we each take on a specific role, like Membership or Programs, you influence and collaborate on the direction of our entire OD Community for your 2 year term.

We are a working board and not only collaborate to strategize but execute on our strategy.

Why become a Mentor?

You have a experience and expertise in OD that you would like to share with a newer member to the community. Perhaps you prefer 1x1 interactions where you genuinely would love to support someone else in the TODN Membership community.

Why Lead a Community of Practice or facilitate at one of our events?

Our purpose at TODN is to further the practice of OD within all fields of work. Our members join this community to learn from each other (virtually or in our in-person events) AND from thought leaders, emerging topics and methodologies. Our members want practical ways and tools to consider and see them in practice.


Why become an Ambassador?

Our member-driven community is fueled by YOU. The contributions of our members' time and talent inform who we are and what we do. There are endless ways to get involved and we’d love to leverage YOUR expertise - we can't make it happen without your help. Here's a few ways you can contribute:

Event Operations Leader (in-person and virtual):  Would you like to expand your network by engaging with and supporting our thought leaders, speakers and participants? 

Virtual:  Perhaps you’d like to try your hand at being the behind the scenes zoom webinar producer?  Have an interest in playing “host” for the zoom webinars?  Whatever it is – there’s a role for you.

In-person: Do you throw great events or meetings?  Do you enjoy organizing and planning all details (both big and small) of a live event?  Live event volunteers help execute a live event from conception to clean up. They work with other TODN volunteers to plan out event details. They help with set-up, including helping to get speakers, A/V teams and equipment situated, and generally make sure the event runs smoothly, efficiently and handle any crisis that may come up.

Image by John Schnobrich
Image by Smartworks Coworking

Become a Part of Our OD Community

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