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Why volunteer on our Board of Directors?

We would love to have you contribute to our Board of Directors team. Here's a few things to help you decide before applying.

While we each take on a specific role, like Membership or Programs, you influence and collaborate on the direction of our entire OD Community for your 2 year term. We are a working board and collaborate to strategize AND execute on our role responsibilities.  You must be an active member to be considered for a role.


  • All Board roles have a time commitment of 2 years and a minimum of 5 hours a month of work. IMPORTANT: Just like all businesses -monthly time commitments vary according to season and type of event we're delivering (virtual or in-person)

  • Each board member is accountable for attending monthly team meetings that involve planning and executing our events which are our #1 deliverable to you as our Members! 

  • Each Board member is accountable for attending the majority of our events


  • As a team - we are committed to responding to each other within 1-2 business days, even if it's simply to say "I saw your email - I will action that on the weekend."

  • Within our Board Member role - we are committed to respond to Members within a business day - even if it's to respond and say "I saw your request and I need a few days to follow through since it involves a few other team members (or vendor support)"


As a team of volunteers that are passionate about Organizational Development that want to bring our members the best value, here's the current structure of our team:

Membership Director

  • Welcomes and onboards new members. Helps members with how to take advantage of the benefits of their membership.

  • Strategizes and executes how to bring in new members and retain existing members. Accountable for specific member communication.

Programs Director

  • Fills the yearly roster with credible, innovative facilitators that further the thinking or practice of our OD Community. Shares the content for event descriptions with BOD.

  • Liaises with the Event Operations director to oversee the operation of up to 12 in-person or virtual events per year.

Event Operations Director

  • In charge of vendor relationships that relate to delivering our events (virtual and in-person).

  • Liaises with the board to ensure any equipment is present for facilitators and virtual hosts, announcements to be made and welcoming new Members or guests to each event.

  • As host to each event, ensures that content for the facilitator introduction, advertising announcements and any icebreakers / meet and greet instructions as well as the agenda, are all pre-prepared.

Marketing Director

  • Primarily responsible for vetting and then posting vendor partner advertisements to our OD community.

  • Sends advertisement content to Communications and posts on Linked in (and any other Social Media channel TODN is active with). Liaises with Digital Experience Director who creates the posts on the TODN website.

  • Liaises with vendor partners and potential vendor partners to create offers for our OD Community.

Communications Director

  • Develops the communication strategy for TODN.

  • Receives content from all other board members and vendors to create monthly newsletter and all other communications to both members and subscribers to TODN.

Digital Experience Director

  • Develops the technology strategy for TODN and owns the vendor relationship with the website platform and URL providers.

  • Creates and maintains the website pages (creates events, maintains member resources)

  • Manages technical aspects of registration, website access and administration

Finance Director

  • Creates forecasts and budgets (w. President initially). Reports on revenue and expenses and reimburses Board members for day to day expenses.

  • Liaises with an accountant to complete taxes for the TODN organization.


  • Accountable for overall succession planning, liaises with each Board Member and applicants to ensure bench strength beyond their term. Conducts strategic planning, business reviews and co-creates team goals, processes. Liaises with associations if there are possible partnerships and is the main signatory for all legal documents on behalf of the board.

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