For your safety, all of our events will be virtual through Decemeber 2021. We continue to monitor the situation closely and will be return to in-person events again as soon as we are able according to the current situation in the Toronto area.

When we go back to in-person events, we will be sure to offer or make arrangements for logistics and catering in a way that makes you safe.

-Toronto OD Board of Directors

Professional Development Events

Guest facilitators bring you leading edge topics and ideas for you to add to your OD Toolkit

  • Is all Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Consulting the Same?
    Virtual Event
    Oct. 21, 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. EDT
    Virtual Event
    with Renée A. Freeman

OD Regional Events

Fellow OD Cohorts across Canada and the US inviting you to join.

Past Events

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