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We would love to have you as a Mentor in our OD community. To help you decide if you want to apply, remember that  you must be an active member to be considered. Here are some additional considerations for you:


  • All mentors must be available at least 1-2x a month for a minimum of 6 months.

  • Each mentor is accountable for scheduling their sessions with their mentee once the match is made.

  • While everything that happens within the engagement is confidential, each mentor will be asked to summarize the impact of the relationship, similar to a post-mortem that is genuinely an Impact Report


  • Someone on our Board of Directors will be in contact with you to interview you and get a better sense of who to match you up with!

Mentor Application

Please acknowledge that by submitting this application you commit to not using your mentee's personal data for purposes other than the mentoring relationship - unless they give you permission to do so

Thanks for submitting!

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